CBB Matlab Version Converter

  • CBB Matlab Version Converter is a utility for Matlab users who need to convert Matlab .mat files from one version to another but don't necessary have the source Matlab version available. Unlike the traditional method where you have to look for assistance from people who have the appropriate version, our utility allows you to convert the files from one version to another without caring what version of Matlab you have installed. For example you will be able to convert .mat files in Matlab 7 mode to .mat files in Matlab 6 mode.

    Since compression was added to Matlab 7 mode, you can also convert your existing .mat files to Matlab 7 mode to save diskspace. (you will need Matlab 7 to open them however)

    Support exists for Matlab 4 mode but since it is very old, only simple files can be converted.

    CBB Matlab Version Converter is a command line utility and it is FREE.

    NEW: Version 1.1 contains a simple GUI to help people who are not used to the command line.

    If you use CBB Matlab Version Converter, link to our website www.CodeBuildingBlocks.com and recommend CBB Matlab Version Converter to others! Thank you!

Download CBB Matlab Version Converter

  • Download version 1.1 here.


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