CBB Prospect

  • CBB Prospect is a MarProg extension for Technion students who would like more freedom when planning their weekly schedule. CBB Prospect will generate ready for printing weekly schedule MS Word documents from MarProg save files. Our extension is a weekly schedule generator that unlike MarProg will generate overlapping schedule, meaning that it contains all the various options of groups you checked and not a certain sub-set of all the options.

Download CBB Prospect

  • Update: A problem with LTR Word template was solved. Thanks to Igor C. for reporting.

  • Update: A feature was added to correctly generate the class number.

  • Update: Version 1.2 was released with some new features, starring generation of the whole schedule on one page.

  • Download version 1.2 here.


  • Getting a MarProg save file - If you know how MarProg works and you have a save file please skip to the next section.

    1. Get MarProg.

    2. Get data file for marprog RepFile.

    3. Unzip the RepFile, run MarProg.

    4. Loading data file: MarProg -> Menu -> קובץ -> המרת קובץ Rep -> עיון... -> Select unzipped file -> אישור.

    5. Select your courses in MarProg: MarProg -> Menu -> קורסים.

    6. Save your selection of courses: MarProg -> Menu -> קובץ -> שמור.

  • Using the save file to generate a MS Word document

    1. Get and unzip CBB Prospect (download).

    2. Run -> Browse... -> Select save file from first section -> Generate.

    3. Wait while the document is generated, it may take some time depending on the complexity of the schedule.

    4. At this stage you can modify or save the file as you wish. If you experience an error, please tell us about it.


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