CBB TextPrinter - Body Metals Case Study

  • Body Metals is a laser center for tattoo removal, piercing and tattoo studio in Belgium. The studio contains 4 closed cabinets with touch screens, running web application written in javascript. The client can make a selection for a tattoo design on the touch screens out of 17000 designs neatly ordered by category. It is common that a client visits several times before he chooses his tattoo. A copy of the design is not given to the customers.
    Problem: The customer can spend an hour searching and find some interesting designs, next time he comes the client has to start where he left and locate his previous selection again.
    Solution: The customer can save his favorite designs as small pictures on the bottom of the touch screen. Before he leaves the studio, the client can touch a button to print the names of the chosen designs on a slip with a bar-code. When he returns to search further for a design, we can, using the slip from his previous visit, scan his favorite designs back in the touch screen.

Using TextPrinter in this Process

  • TextPrinter is installed on the touch screens. TextPrinter is used to solve two problems:

    1. Print from javascript without any Windows user screens.

    2. Use 1 printer for 4 touch screens

Hardware Setup in the Studio

  • Local network connecting: 4 touch screens, 3 computers, a server, 4 network cameras and a hardware firewall as a gateway to the Internet.

  • Server: Compaq dl380 dual PIII 1Ghz 2Gb with 1x78GB 1x36GB raid 1 and 1x150GB security camera disk windows NT.

  • Security cameras: 4x with build-in FTP server.

  • Desktop: HP XS4000 workstation PIV 2,6Ghz 512Mb Windows XP-pro.

  • Reception: Compaq PIII 800Mhz 320Mb Windows XP-pro.

  • Laser Room: Compaq PIII 500Mhz 256Mb Windows XP-pro.

  • Touch Screens: 4x closed cabinets with a Compaq PIII 600Mhz 320Mb with bar-code scanners. On one of cabinets there is a Zebra bar-code printer, connected to the LPT port of one of the cabinets.

  • All computers, except the server, have floating IPs.

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