What is CodeBuildingBlocks?

CodeBuildingBlocks is an initiative to develop components and technologies that meet high standards and to promote the use of "reusable components" in the software development industry.

Everywhere you look you can see people building things from other, smaller components. Buildings are built from cement blocks, glass sheets and steel girders; a desk is built from wood, screws, bolts, nuts and washers.. In our modern world you rarely see someone making an entire product completely by himself. A large part of commercial success is finding professional and trustworthy partners who are able to supply you with quality components for your product.

The same applies to the software development process and industry. Using ready-to-use components will guarantee shorter development times and improved stability, but only so long as the components are built by professionals who understand the "reusability" frame of mind.

This is what CodeBuildingBlocks represents. This is how we see the future.

Our Vision

To provide reliable components and technologies that will benefit our clients and their users.


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