CBB TextPrinter - CBB TextPrinter is an ActiveX component for developers who need to develop software that prints on continuous paper but who would like to use a ready and tested component for that rather than develop the technology from scratch. Our component lets you add such functionality to your product quickly and easily unlike using Win32 API which is not designed for continuous paper and other requirements typical to retail applications.

CBB AWSAuth - CBB AWSAuth is an ActiveX component for developers that generates Amazon Web Services (AWS) authentication fields. If you work in any capacity with creating Amazon-related software, this is for you!

Freeware and Utilities

CBB Mat Version Converter - CBB Mat Version Converter is a utility for Matlab users who need to convert Matlab .mat files from one version to another but don't necessary have the source Matlab version available. Unlike the traditional method where you have to look for assistance from people who have the appropriate version, out utility allows you to convert the files from one version to another without caring what version of Matlab you have installed.

CBB eMule Click Transfer - CBB eMule Click Transfer is a utility for eMule users who are running eMule on another computer and are dissatisfied with having to copy/paste links to eMule's WebInterface or retype them on the other machine. Our utility is a Click Forwarding agent that enables you to click normally on ed2k links on one computer and have them transferred to another computer for download. Unlike other programs of this kind our utility is easy to setup.

CBB Prospect - CBB Prospect is a MarProg extension for Technion students who would like more freedom when planning their weekly schedule. CBB Prospect will generate ready for printing weekly schedule MS Word documents from MarProg save files.


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