CBB eMule Click Transfer

  • CBB eMule Click Transfer is a utility for eMule users who are running eMule on another computer and are dissatisfied with having to copy/paste links to eMule's WebInterface or retype them on the other machine. Our utility is a Click Forwarding agent that enables you to click normally on ed2k links on one computer and have them transferred to another computer for download. Unlike other programs of this kind our utility is easy to setup.

    Great when you have eMule running on a computer in a LAN and you want other computers in the LAN to be able to add files to the transfer list.

    New since Version 2.1! Link queue makes sure your links are safely kept even when your eMule server is temporary off-line or unavailable. Once communication is back, queued links can be sent to the server for download.

What our users are saying

  • "keep on good work!"

  • "completely satisfied, Thanks a lot"

  • "Excellent stuff, exactly what i've been looking for! Cheers!"

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Download CBB eMule Click Transfer

  • Download the new version 2.1 here.

  • Version 2.1 (2/2006) contains a built-in queue mechanism so links are kept while your eMule server is temporary unavailable.

  • Version 2.0 (11/2005) adds support to more link types and encodings and contains some bug fixes.

  • Version 1.1 (3/2005) uses a new session-less method to communicate with the server thus using fewer resources.

Help for the configuration screen

  • Click here for an explanation of the configuration procedure.


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