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This demo shows how you can use javascript code and TextPrinter to print text to a client side printer.

Security notice:
If you get a security notice mentioning "Unknown publisher", it is because the ActiveX is not digitally signed as of now; therefore by default it can't be automatically deployed from the Internet and has to be installed manually on the client machine. Please follow the instructions to do so.

Download and install the evaluation version of TextPrinter.
Once installed, refresh this page, make sure no "Object failed to load" is shown and continue to the demo section.

Alternatively you can adjust your Internet Explorer security settings to prompt you to allow an ActiveX from an "Unknown publisher". To do so: IE Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level -> Download unsigned ActiveX controls -> Prompt. Reload the page and allow TexpPrinter to execute.


Please note that if you are using the DEMO version of TextPrinter then the actual text will be printed with some letters missing.

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